Debt collection

The Ghidotti law firm has handled debt collection cases for clients for many years, consulting with other professionals whenever necessary. 

Debt collection comprises an action that is necessary when an individual or a company fail, wholly or in part, to honor their commitment to pay, as prescribed by a contract for the supply of goods or services, and/or any other kind of obligations. 

Debt collection is a very important and widespread activity, especially in today’s times of economic crisis, when the application of the most effective methods in order to effect settlement of outstanding debts is necessary.

Mr. Carlo Ghidotti acts in this specific field with competence and maximum discretion, formulating the strategy that's suited to achieving the desired results. 

  • Extrajudicial stage: following written and telephone requests for payment, the solicitor examines  the debt situation and sets in place a plan to recover the funds, even in installments, which allows case closure, avoiding legal costs and further delays.

  • Judicial stage: in certain debt collection cases, this solution aims to obtain an enforceable court order, for the forced recovery of funds through the sale of the debtor’s goods. 

The judicial route has various stages, starting with recourse to force payment (injunction); continuing on to notification of a writ; and in cases where payment is still not forthcoming, repossession of goods (the debtor’s buildings or property), with the seizure of the same, potentially leading to the debtor’s eventual bankruptcy, where permitted in law.