Our Law Firm

Professional legal consultation and efficient help in disputes regarding civil law, civil responsibility, contract law, debt recovery, family law, and several other areas of litigation. 

Through his law firm in Bergamo, Mr. Carlo Ghidotti  offers legal assistance in the above-mentioned fields with extreme professionalism, reliability and experience

For further information, or if you want to make an appointment with the Ghidotti law firm, please contact our offices in Via della Madonna della Neve. You may reach us either via the telephone number or email address below or via our contact form.

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Debt collection

Mr. Ghidotti provides legal assistance in the area of debt collection.  In every situation,, he examines the specific case together with the client concerned in order to develop the most appropriate strategy to achieve the desired outcome, both in the extrajudicial and judicial phases.

Bankruptcy Law

This law firm supplies full legal assistance in all insolvency proceedings. We help our clients with matters concerning bankruptcy and in all proceedings regarding insolvency, company liquidation and debt restructuring.

Medical responsibility

Our Law firm assists people who have been victims of medical malpractice and/or medical error, developing a specific defense strategy for each case and acting in full support of the client’s interests. Furthermore, we also confer with external consultants in order assess where civil responsibility lies and the possibility of obtaining compensation. Mr. Ghidotti has gained considerable experience in cases involving medical negligence of individual doctors and of healthcare organizations, both public and private.  

Family law

For every dispute or situation related to family law, the legal assistance provided by Mr. Carlo Ghidotti is able to offer valuable support to every part involved. 

Contract Law

For security and peace of mind when establishing any new business relationship, precautionary assistance from a contract law specialist is fundamental: his expertise will prove to be essential in the drafting of any kind of commercial contract, according to the client’s needs. Among the services provided by Mr. Ghidotti is assistance with the negotiations prior to the drawing up of contracts, as well as with the drawing up of the final contracts themselves.