Medical Responsibility

Mr. Carlo Ghidotti deals with cases involving medical malpractice on the part of doctors and healthcare organizations in Bergamo.

The law firm assists people who have been victims of medical malpractice and/or medical error, developing a strategy pertinent to each specific case and acting in full support of the client’s interests, also availing itself of external consultants in evaluating where civil responsibility lies, and the possibility of obtaining compensation.

Mr. Ghidotti has gained considerable experience in cases involving medical responsibility of individual doctors and of healthcare organizations, both public and private.  

Disputes around medical responsibility can arise as the result of many different factors: failure to diagnose a condition, incorrect diagnosis, poor surgical technique, or inadequate post-operative care. 

There is no medical specialization that can consider itself immune from the possibility of committing errors.

Mr. Ghidotti acts on behalf of patients who are victims of negligence on the part of doctors, paramedics and nurses, through the provision of careful legal assistance. 

He provides comprehensive service in every phase of the dispute, right through to the final judgment stage.