Family Law

For every dispute or situation relating with family law, Mr. Carlo Ghidotti in Bergamo will offer valuable legal advice and assistance to every part involved.

Family law regulates family relationships: kinship, personal relationships between spouses and between them and their children, heredity issues in the family, situations linked to filiation, custody, separation and divorce. 

When a marriage relationship comes to an end, it is necessary to consult with a lawyer specialized in family law. 

Mr. Ghidotti’s legal firm is able to provide accurate legal support for all matters concerning matrimonial and family law:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Custody and maintenance of minors, both legitimate and those born out of wedlock
  • Modifications to conditions within separation and divorce agreements
  • Agreements concerning personal relationships and inheritance within marriage and between cohabiting couples
  • Transfer of ownership of property and shares between spouses
  • Division of legally jointly-owned property between spouses 
  • Judicial separation of property, in cases where the law applies
  • Judicial declaration of paternity
  • Appeal against the recognition of illegitimate offspring on grounds of lack of reliable proof 
  • Denial of paternity

Mr. Ghidotti law firm staff is constantly updated about family law, so to provide his clients with reliable advice, providing assistance with every kind of dispute concerning marriage and wider family relationships.